How to Renew Your Medical Card in Oklahoma

If you received your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card 2 years ago you’re probably wondering how you can renew it now. Renewing a medical card in Oklahoma is a simple process similar to getting the original card. You do not need to see the same doctor for your renewal as you did for your original recommendation. Whether you received the initial doctor’s recommendation through PrestoDoctor or another provider, PrestoDoctor can help you get your medical card renewed online!

Topics covered in this article:

  • Returning PrestoDoctor Renewal Patients
  • New PrestoDoctor Renewal Patients 
  • How to Renew With OMMA
  • Questions about Oklahoma Renewals

Returning PrestoDoctor Renewal Patients

If you received your original doctor’s recommendation through PrestoDoctor, you’ll need to log back into your PrestoDoctor account here and click “Schedule a video appointment”. You do not need to see the same doctor for your renewal as you did for your initial appointment, you may pick any doctor that best fits your needs.

The system will automatically recognize you as a returning PrestoDoctor patient and discount your renewal appointment fee. After you complete the video appointment with the doctor, if you are approved, you will receive an updated recommendation form via email that you will use to renew with the state. 

New PrestoDoctor Renewal Patients

If you received your initial doctor’s recommendation from a different provider that’s no problem, you can still renew your card with PrestoDoctor. You’ll first need to create an account by clicking here and entering your email address and setting a password.

After you’ve created your account, verified your email, and created your profile you will be able to schedule a video appointment with the doctor. After your appointment, if you are approved, we will email you an updated recommendation form that you will use to renew with the state. 

Keep in mind that you will not be able to renew your card until you’re within 30 days of the old card’s expiration date. For example, if your card expires December 10th, you won’t be able to submit your renewal application until November 11th.

How to Renew With OMMA (The State Website)

In order to get a new, up to date physical card you will need to register again with the state (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority or OMMA). You will log back into your OMMA portal using the same login credentials you created when you applied for your first card. You will need to fill out the application details again and upload new documents like your ID, recommendation form, and your digital photo. You will also need to pay a separate fee to the state of $100. That fee is reduced to $20 for Medicaid, Medicare, or Soonercare patients. 

Questions about Oklahoma Renewals?

If you have any questions at any point in the process our support team is here to help! You can reach us at [email protected] or write in to our webchat for fastest service.