What Holiday is 7/10? Exploring the Weed Holiday 7/10

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You don’t need to be a longtime member of the cannabis community to recognize 420 when you hear it. A ubiquitous term that largely means cannabis or cannabis-related, 4/20 the date has surged in popularity over the decades as a day when people far and wide celebrate cannabis and its culture. However, another more recently established cannabis holiday penciled itself in on the calendar. What holiday is 7/10? 710 day is a day for enthusiasts to consume cannabis oil products including dabs, concentrates, and more.

While it’s got a way to go before it reaches the same notoriety as 4/20, 7/10 is a celebrated day in the cannabis concentrate community. Read on to learn more about the origins of 7/10 — or Dab Day — what it is, and how it’s celebrated.

The Origins of the Weed Holiday 7/10

The holiday 7/10 has a fascinating origin story linked directly to cannabis culture. The term 7/10, when rotated upside down, spells “OIL,” a nod to cannabis oil, a popular concentrate form. The celebration of 7/10, also known as Dab Day, started gaining traction in the early 2010s. Although its exact origins are mysterious, online sources report that the term first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2010 and became associated with cannabis in 2011.

One account credits TaskRok of Highly Educated, who claims to have coined the term during a chat with industry peers. TaskRok also released a rap album on July 10, 2011, featuring songs related to dabbing and cannabis concentrates. Despite these claims, TaskRok acknowledges that the term “belongs to the community now.”

Significance of 7/10 in Cannabis Culture

710 has grown into the second-largest weed holiday after 4/20. While 4/20 is broadly celebrated by all cannabis enthusiasts, 7/10 is particularly significant for those who prefer cannabis concentrates. Concentrates, such as oils, waxes, and shatters, offer a potent and fast-acting way to enjoy cannabis. The holiday is celebrated both on July 10 and specifically at 7:10 a.m. or p.m.

For many, 7/10 is a day to appreciate the advancements in extraction technology and the variety of concentrate products available on the market. As cannabis legalization spreads, dabbing is becoming a more accepted and widespread way to consume and enjoy cannabis.

Celebrating the Weed Holiday 7/10

Wondering how to celebrate 7/10? Here are some popular ways to enjoy this weed holiday:

1. Dabbing Sessions

One of the most common ways to celebrate 7/10 is by enjoying dabs. Dabbing involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates using a specialized rig. It’s a potent way to consume cannabis and allows enthusiasts to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors and effects.

2. Attending Cannabis Events

Many cannabis-friendly cities host events on 7/10, including festivals, expos, and dab competitions. These events are great opportunities to meet fellow enthusiasts, learn about new products, and enjoy live music and entertainment. Notable events include Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup, Colorado’s Kush Masters 710 Celebration, and Oregon’s Camp Sesh.

3. Exploring New Concentrates

7/10 is the perfect day to try out new types of concentrates. Dispensaries often offer special deals on oils, waxes, and other concentrates in celebration of the holiday. It’s an excellent opportunity to experiment with new products and find new favorites.

4. Educational Workshops

Some dispensaries and cannabis organizations offer educational workshops on 7/10. These can cover topics such as how to make your own concentrates, the benefits of different types of concentrates, and responsible consumption practices.

What Do You Need to Celebrate 7/10?

In the early days of cannabis concentrates, celebrating 7/10 required many tools. Traditional dabs such as shatter are typically consumed using a dab rig, which requires a dab tool/wand, torch or e-nail, and cannabis concentrate. However, the rising popularity of vape pens and portable dab vapes makes it easier than ever to consume concentrates.

If you live in a weed-legal state, many dispensaries help you prep for the celebration by offering discounts on wax, shatter, oil, and other concentrate products, taking advantage of the holiday as a marketing vehicle. On social media, more than 10 million people have posted photos showing off their celebratory dabs with hashtags like #710, #710society, and #710life.

The Future of 7/10

As cannabis legalization continues to spread, the popularity of 7/10 is likely to grow. The holiday highlights the innovative side of cannabis culture, celebrating the advancements in extraction methods and the variety of concentrate products available.

Difference Between 4/20 and 7/10

4/20 and 7/10 are two distinct cannabis holidays celebrated for their unique origins and cultural significances. 4/20, originating from a group of high school students in the 1970s who used “420” as a meeting time, has evolved into a global phenomenon embraced by all cannabis enthusiasts. It encompasses public gatherings, advocacy for legalization, and mainstream recognition in popular media. In contrast, 7/10, coined from “OIL” when rotated, celebrates cannabis concentrates like oils and waxes. Emerging in the early 2010s, 7/10 has grown within a niche community, focusing on dabbing sessions, specialized events, and educational workshops.

While 4/20 promotes broader activism and communal smoking sessions, 7/10 highlights advancements in extraction technology and concentrate consumption, reflecting the evolving preferences and culture within the cannabis community.


So, what holiday is 7/10? It’s a special day dedicated to celebrating cannabis concentrates, known as the weed holiday 7/10. Whether you’re an experienced dabber or new to the world of concentrates, 7/10 is a great time to explore and enjoy the diverse range of products available. Mark your calendar and join the growing community of cannabis enthusiasts who celebrate this unique and flavorful holiday.

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